Open the car door!




5 thoughts on “Open the car door!

  1. Creative and artistic shots. You’ve improved a lot in your photographs. How’s the music? Well? Always good to get to your blog. What I told my grandfather and my grandmother were Alessandria in Nort Italy. Someday I will meet the people where they were born.

    1. Thank you so much Carlos! I’m glad you like these photos. My music… well, it’s going a bit slowly now, but I still go on. I remember you told me you have some family in Italy, I hope you can meet them one day, and… Piedmont is not so far from Emilia Romagna, so maybe we could also meet for a photographic trip! Have a nice day!

      1. Thanks for your answer. I hope I can someday go to your land. You also may be able to come to my country. Here are many descendants of Italians. The food and wine are Italian tradition.
        It’s always nice to be in touch with you.
        Adiós Susi…

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